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Ground Shipping

Experience reliable ground shipping services tailored to your industry. From pharmaceuticals to retail and automotive logistics, we ensure safe and timely deliveries by road or train.

Large Projects

Trust us with your large projects and enjoy seamless sea freight services. We offer LLC and FLC shipments that are fast, effective, and free of delays to destinations worldwide.

International Air Freight

Opt for our comprehensive package of international air freight services. We ensure cost-effective and fast deliveries, which can be seamlessly combined with other transportation modes.

Contract Logistics

Entrust your logistics needs to us for a seamless supply chain management package. Benefit from cost-effective and efficient sea freight services, with the option to combine with other transportation modes.


Secure your goods in our trusted warehousing facilities. Our comprehensive supply chain management package ensures safe storage and efficient distribution, combined with various transportation modes.


Gain insights and solutions with our expert consulting services. Our supply chain management package includes tailored consulting, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness in transportation.

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